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Safe & responsible efficacy testing

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Safe & responsible efficacy testing

CRD Testing

Pearce Seeds Trials has been officially recognised by CRD to undertake Efficacy testing and is an ORETO Certified Organisation. ORETO -  ‘Officially Recognised’ efficacy testing organisations.

Approvals are required for:

  • Any new product.
  • Any changes to the use of an existing product.
  • For example to extend use to a new crop or make additional claims for control.
  • Any change to the formulation of an existing product (including changes in source of the active substance).
  • To import a product from another country that is identical to one approved in the UK (parallel import).
  • To test an unapproved pesticide in a situation where release into the environment will occur.
  • To test an approved pesticide in an unapproved situation

Before any pesticide can be used, sold, supplied, advertised or stored it must be approved for use by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD).

As part of the approval process, efficacy testing must be undertaken to determine the effectiveness and crop safety of plant protection products, plus its safety to other crops, plants and beneficial organisms. Tests and analyses required to demonstrate the efficacy of plant protection products must be conducted by  ‘Officially Recognised’ efficacy testing organisations (ORETO).

Official Recognition is also known as Good Experimental Practice (GEP).

Efficacy data from trials in the UK which commenced after 1 January 1998 will only be accepted by CRD from Officially Recognised organisations.

Please contact us should you wish to enquire about using our CRD testing services to develop your products.

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