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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Stressed Crops

Stressed Crops

Published: Monday, March 19, 2018
Category: Cereal News

Dealing with crops suffering severe stress

Following the recent weather conditions, many crops are suffering severe stress and need help to get their metabolic systems operating at optimum levels to support the rapid growth that comes with spring development. Later autumn drilling has also resulted in less time for maximum root and crop development before the bad weather set in.

➢ In many situations crop establishment may have been impeded due to anaerobic conditions and “wet feet”. This has resulted in severe crop stress due to the roots inability to access sufficient oxygen and nutrients from the soil. The result are obvious to see and much of this is due to the fact that the nitrogen cycle has slowed right down. In the worst situations the effect on the nitrogen cycle can result in ammonia being produced in the leaves instead of nitrogen, resulting in severe crop yellowing and even crop die-back.

➢ Many soil nutrients – eg Sulphur, Magnesium, Boron, and Molybdenum - have been subjected to unusually high levels of leaching. In addition, soil analyses taken last autumn before crops were drilled indicated many soils were deficient in more than one nutrient versus the cereal crops forthcoming requirement ….. And that was BEFORE any winter leaching!

In stressed crops that are exhibiting poor establishment and growth the crop may need an urgent application of a rapidly and completely available “nutrient mix” containing foliar applied NPK, and the full suite of essential micro-nutrient complexes.

Actions to get crops moving again: Kick-start root growth, Kick start the Nitrogen Cycle, Get nutrients into the plant

1. Apply UPLIFT ATG at 3.0L to get nutrients into the plant and give the plant’s metabolic systems a “kick-start”

Uplift ATG supplies a blend of fully and immediately available essential nutrients and amino acids for growth, many of which will not be available if the crop is under stress from conditions such as drought or waterlogging:

- Nutrients: N14%, P 7%, K 7% co-formulated with essential micro-nutrients Mg 0.35%, B 300 mg/l, Cu 600 mg/l, Mn 600 mg/l, Zn 600 mg/l, Mo 40 mg/l


2. Apply PHOSTAR (foliar phosphite) at 2.0L/ha to maximise root development

PHOSTAR contains totally available foliar phosphite 38.2% w/v (30.5% w/w as P204), Potash 15% w/v, Nitrogen 4% with an inbuilt uptake system to maximise effect.

- Phosphite is a targeted bio-stimulant that acts as an elicitor, effectively “telling” the plant to increase rooting.

PHOSTAR moves rapidly from the leaves to the root tips and apical meristem, where it acts by increasing cell division. The plant’s response to PHOSTAR is rapid – root growth starts within a few days & the stimulus lasts for several weeks.



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