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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Choosing Your Spring Crops

Choosing Your Spring Crops

Published: Friday, January 19, 2018
Category: Cereal News

With the increased interest and benefits that can come from spring cropping, in terms of agronomy and margin opportunity, it is important to recognise that the financial benefits will only come with close attention to the basics. Seed bed, sowing rates and variety all come into play. With this in mind, following are some considerations to help fine tune your variety decisions.



The dominant spring wheat variety with 70% of the certified seed area. It gives good end quality to target bread making premiums which are needed to cover short fall of yield difference. Resistant to OWBM and good resistance to Yellow Rust and Mildew but only moderate resistance to Septoria. It can be autumn or spring sown and is ideal for flexible sowing where blackgrass is an issue. 

KWS Willow

Very high yielding variety and where Fusarium resistance is a requirement, behind maize stubble, Willow is a better choice than Mulika. Good foliar disease resistance and a stiff straw make it ideal for high fertility sites. Always performs well in Pearce Seeds autumn and spring sown trials.


KWS Irina

The highest yielding spring malting barley in Pearce 2017 trials. It offers one of the best options for feed barley in the South West with best brackling score (9) and lodging (8) of any recommended variety. It gives a strong performance in the field combining low screenings, excellent agronomy and yield, with high numbers of tillers and mid to early maturity. Apart from Brown Rust it has no significant disease weaknesses.  A major variety in the European export brewing market, having been shipped successfully since 2014/15.


The dominant variety in recent years that also has full IBD Approval for brewing although now has a yield penalty. Still a very marketable grain particularly for export markets and is still the favourite brewing variety for the UK; it has been on the Recommended List since 2010. Relatively long straw with good standing, and is also a popular feed variety. It also showed one of the highest straw yields on Pearce 2017 trial work. Reasonable resistance to Rhynchosporium but Yellow Rust needs watching. It remains a favourite with specialist malting barley growers.

RAGT Planet

Highest yielding spring barley in the South west in official trials and in the top 4 in Pearce seeds 2017 trials. Fully approved for Brewing and has a 6% yield advantage over Propino in the West. Medium length straw with good resistant to brackling (8) and lodging (7).  Good resistance to Mildew and moderate resistance to Rynchosporium and Ramularia but does not show such good resistance to Yellow or Brown Rust. With its high yields particularly in the west it is often considered for feed as well as a malting variety.


High yielding malting barley on RL and came second in yield to Irina in Pearce seeds 2017 trials.  It has a very good agronomic profile on brackling and Mildew.  Highest yielding variety on the Recommended List to have full approval in both Brewing and Distilling (IBD).  It has shown very consistent and very high yields across a wide range of environments and seasons. Again with these high yields it can be considered for feed barley variety as well. 


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