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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Breathe-Easy with Calf Health and Hygiene

Breathe-Easy with Calf Health and Hygiene

Published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Category: Dairy News

A bedding conditioner needs to be fast acting and contain a DEFRA-approved disinfectant that controls a wide spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, they must be highly absorbent, non-caustic and continue to work persistently in the animals housed environment.

There are probably two high-focus areas that need to be considered first in
calf housing. Hygiene is one and the other is ventilation and planning to
minimise respiratory issues in youngstock.

Calf respiratory issues can have a big impact on both performance and
resulting productivity in beef and dairy herds. There are a range of issues
caused by compromised lung function that impact areas of the animal’s
development as well as the extra resource needed in management.
The most common issue faced in this area is pneumonia which causes
inflammation in the animal’s lungs and often causing permanent damage.
This can affect the animal for the rest of its life however there is a high
level of mortality in affected animals.

Many farms design or adapt calf housing to optimise ventilation
characteristics to help minimise respiratory issues and in the first instance,
guidance and advice from your vet should provide the basis for a suitable
plan to keep respiratory issues to a minimum. Reducing antimicrobial use
on farm is a key focus area which is why the vet is best placed to advise on
protocols for management and with areas like vaccination, pain relief and
fluid therapy being available, there are many good tools to help succeed.

In addition to this professional advice, there has been a growing interest in
the use of natural decongestants such as eucalyptus and mint to aid with
breathing. So far we have seen such additives used in feed stuffs, either as a
proprietary “lick” or as a solid feed additive. Whilst these can be successful,
there are concerns and issues with palatability of such feeds and additives
and with a need to maintain solid feed intake and maintenance of growth
rates, their suitability and cost-benefit are questionable.

At Pearce dairy we have looked closely at the twin issues of hygiene and
respiration and have been questioning whether there might be a way to
tackle the problem with a combined approach? The result of our farm
trials is NEW Pearce ULTRA BREATHE.

ULTRA BREATHE combines the tried and trusted product Ultra-Dri,
with added 2% Peppermint and 2% Eucalyptus, providing a potent and
effective combination of a DEFRA-approved disinfection, alongside the
known benefits of peppermint and eucalyptus to aid breathing.

Ultra Breathe is dual-skin packaged in handy 25kg bags and is applied
onto the floor of animal bedding at the recommended dose of between 50
and 100gms/m2, providing a fast, 5 minute kill of pathogens and aiding in
the animals breathing. For best results, Ultra Breathe should be applied 2-3
times per week.


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