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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Controlling Disease and Farm Biosecurity

Controlling Disease and Farm Biosecurity

Published: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Category: Dairy News

The title above sounds obvious when considering the issue as a whole however in so many cases, the areas of disease control and biosecurity are not “joined-up” at farm level.

Additionally, in our industry where public perception and engagement is critical, we must be considering disease beyond just our livestock and through to our staff, visitors and the wider general public.

Controlling disease can be significantly helped with effective biosecurity, starting with prevention. This means that wherever possible, know the disease status of anything that might be coming onto your farm. There are many examples over the years of livestock movements bringing disease onto farms however it is now commonly accepted that there are risks from less obvious sources such as mobile shearing equipment and trimmers hoof knives.

Effective disinfection is a cornerstone of biosecurity which includes vehicles, equipment, protective clothing including boots as well as buildings. It is also crucial to consider disinfection of animals (e.g. feet and teats) with proprietary products, as part of the process. Selecting a disinfectant is a complex area and whilst doing something is better than doing nothing, taking the right advice for the right situation will give improved results.
Also, when considering disinfection, we must look at cleaning where possible beforehand to enable the enhanced performance of the final disinfection.

A stepped process to minimising the risk of disease reaching farm is a useful tool not only to implement, but to have as a checklist for other staff members and farm visitors.

An example of such a process could be:


            a.What could be brought onto the farm in this specific situation?
            b.Use veterinary advice for specific diseases (e.g. vaccination)


                           i.Remove all obvious contamination
                           ii.Use detergent to “deep clean”
                           i.Use the appropriate active ingredient/formulation for the specific situation
                           ii.Ensure compliance to product/protocols


           a.Visitor Movement
           b.Control measures taken

Virocid – Gold Standard Disinfection

Virocid is a highly-concentrated disinfectant with a formulation containing 4 active ingredients. It has been used successfully in intensive livestock biosecurity systems for many years and is the “go-to” product for dairy, poultry and swine units globally due to its proven track record in fighting such diseases as Foot and Mouth disease, Influenza, Mycoplasma, BVD, E.
Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Virocid is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts and after application by dipping, spraying, foaming or fogging, provides a long residual action. Virocid is ideal for boot dipping as part of the biosecurity system in place on farm.


Whilst using the right disinfectant is important, even more crucial is how it is used to ensure control measures are always taken and biosecurity is maintained. Using the FOOTCHECK foot dip system is the recognised tool within our industry for effectiveness and compliance.


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