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Read all the latest news from the agronomy services industry.

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Variety Selection for 2017

Variety Selection for 2017

Published: Monday, June 26, 2017
Category: Cereal News

With harvest just around the corner and your crops still in the field, the jury is still out on how the top varieties will perform in terms of yield. This however does not mean that variety choice for this autumns sowing should be postponed.

Although the usual disease pressure from Septoria in the early part of the season was low, some Recommended List varieties have suffered from yellow rust, which has been observed on farm and at our trials farm near Sturminster Newton. From the information gathered, better decisions can be made going forward for the 2017/18 season where disease resistance has not reached expectations.

The Pearce Seeds Trials Farm produces information and helps judge varieties old and new and will give you the ability to choose a real South West performing crop. There is a definite disease spread on the plots at the Trials Farm, with a handful of outstanding varieties proving their true inherent worth, which can be seen in the untreated plots. The front-runners are Olympus, KWS Siskin and Shabras and with varieties such as Costello and Graham showing very strong promise. Information on these varieties and how they performed is readily available if you contact Pearce Seeds.

It’s a similar story with the winter barley varieties, with the hybrids looking very strong in all positions on farm and in trial. With a continued and growing interest in hybrid barley, current thinking is that they are extremely likely to run short this year. To avoid disappointment, book these early.

When choosing a seed dressing Redigo Deter can provide relative protection from slugs, aphids and along with the required disease protection it should be considered to give crops a good start. Please be aware though, that demand for Redigo Deter is increasing and the current thought from suppliers is that it may run short. So once again, get your order in early.

Choosing which Oilseed Rape variety to grow can be difficult as there are a lot of different varieties available to choose from all with their own merits.

When considering which variety to choose, one with rapid establishment and early vigour should be considered so that once the crop is drilled, it will establish itself as soon as possible and become more resilient to pests and diseases.

As a conventional variety, Campus has always been rapid to establish in the autumn and then to be a consistently high yielder come harvest and has performed very well in Pearce Seeds variety trials for the last three years.

If you are looking for a hybrid, DK Exalte should be one to consider as this variety has also proven to be quick to establish and it also boasts pod shatter resistance along with strong disease resistance scores of 8 for both stem canker and Light Leaf Spot.

Architect is a new hybrid Oilseed Rape variety and its key benefit is its resistance to Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV). Combine this with very good resistance to pod shatter and respectable disease resistance scores of 6 for both stem canker and LLS, this variety is defiantly worth trying.

Clearfield varieties are also an option where oilseed rape will be grown in fields where charlock and hedge mustard are a problem. DK Imperial CL is a strong variety to use in this situation.

Semi Dwarf varieties could be considered on very fertile sites where lodging is a concern.


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